Singular Devices is a design studio of technological craft. We are dedicated to create innovative devices designed to cover very specific needs that can not be met by traditional companies, or at very high costs. We have experience in mechanical, electronic and software development, applied to educational robotics, assistive devices for disabled, multimedia interaction systems for marketing and advertising.

Products & Services

Our devices are manufactured individually or in small series (group applications), and can also ask any change in the design, which will be studied and evaluated. We are currently in a phase of development of a catalog with the most advanced and capable of being offered commercially as educational kits prototypes. If you are interested in any of them especially and would like more information or if you are in Seville (Spain) and want to try in person any of our prototypes, write to our e-mail contact:

Prototypes of educational systems

Pickupy: Robot manipulator for use as an educational toy for children with severe physical limitations. Supports connection of an external switch or sensor (puffing, blink detector), to completely control the position of the manipulator arm,allows play interchanging the blocks of different colors and sizes.
KusiBot: modular platform, open mobile robot based on Arduino, can easily add new features and different forms of control, mainly designed for use with children with a sensory or physical disability that we allowed access to play with robots.
FlipCard: tangible control interface,punch cards based, tangibly entering information given the code and the orientation of the card, to control a character in a video game or a physical robot. (Concept publication https: / /

TangiBox: tangible control interface, magnetic cards based. Allows to plan a sequence of movements by placing blocks on the control box and press the action button, you can send data to a physical robot or moving objects in a 3D virtual environment computer generated.
Videogame 3D simulation of physical interaction of objects controlled by tangible interfaces. online demo
REPBOX our version of 3D printer based on the project: RepRap-Printrbot.

Who do Singular Devices ?

We are a group of people outside our profession, we get together to create singular devices and we intend to offer them to the public as a freelance services, we are passionate about free technologies and social applications and are excited to solve problems and explore new business models sustainable.

The philosophy of work of our development team is framed in the "maker" movement , which is seen as a preview of the third industrial revolution, where the frontier between consumer products and artisanal is diluted, enabling a high degree of customization without raising the costs of development and production.

We have flexibility, creativity, and expertise in various technological and social areas.

How we make our products competitive?

- Lower costs of development tools using and reusing resources of opensource software and hardware: OpenSCAD , Blender, KiCad , ARDUINO , PROCESSING.

- Printing developed using 3D prototyping and manufacturing the final product.

- We are a multidisciplinary network of freelance contributors.

- Advertising and marketing through social networks.

- Methodology "DIY" do it yourself. Possibility of final assembly by the customer.


You can write to tell your technological need, study your case and give you the options of development based on open technologies that are available.

If you have an idea and do not know how to put it into reality, we can help you to make a prototype at the lowest possible cost, adapting to your budget and advising you from a technical standpoint.

You can also write if you have any collaboration proposal, we are always open to expanding our development team and meet creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit.